What right the creditor bank gets from the deed of declaration and joint development agreement, if not registered or proper stamp duty is not paid on the instrument?

The Joint Development Agreement and the Deed of Declaration are executed by the concerned parties and shall be enforceable against each other upon fulfillment of all the statutory requirements. The creditor bank does not get any right or interest from such documents irrespective of whether they are registered or not. The bank may insist upon furnishing collateral security of any other property of either of the parties to the transaction [i.e. the land owner or the builder] or of third persons who can stand as surety for prompt repayment of the loan by the borrower.  The bank may also insist upon creation of equitable mortgage of the property by the land owner on which the proposed construction activity is to commence by the developer in terms of the Joint Venture Agreement and this document is to be registered. The creditor bank may also make the land owner and/or the developer to execute personal indemnity bond for the loan amount.