Q:- My mother expired recently. My father had expired long ago.  My mother has left behind her property worth Rs.60 lakhs.  It is herself acquired property.  She has not made any will.  We are four brothers and two sisters, in all six.  One  brother and a sister died subsequent to the death of our mother.  The deceased brother and sister have one son each.  Since all are settled independently, we want to sell the property.  Please guide us who should join the execution of the sale deed?

Q:- If the property owner dies, what is the procedure to be followed for changing the property to his legal heirs names?

Q:- By a will I bequeathed my entire property to my son.  After some time I cancelled it and wrote another will by which I gave a portion of the property to my daughter and the remaining portion to my son.  Now, I want to cancel the second will and write another will.  Is it necessary to register the third will since the other two are registered?

Q:- I have a property, which I would like to bequeath to my minor grand¬son, and not to my son. Please let me know what should I do?

Q:- I am the only child of my parents, who are not alive. By a will my father has bequeathed a large portion of his properties to me, and some to rela¬tives. However, there is no mention in the will about the distribution of some of the remaining properties. Please enlighten me as to what would happen to these properties?